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  Sports Betting

If you have been using Centsports.com to do your betting, then you need to know that there are better options out there. There are options that will enable you to get in the game for real. Too many people are using Centsports as their only gambling site and they are missing out on the good sports betting going on elsewhere. Sure, the site might be all the rage right now, but it is really just a waste of time if you think about it.

Centsports might be a nice place to start your sports betting and get the hang of it, but it really does not compare to some of the “legit” online gambling at many online casinos sites out there. If you were to tell your buddies that you were making 10 cent bets, they would probably laugh you out of the room. This is because the website is a joke. You will spend hours and hours playing there and not get anything out of it.

So what are your alternatives to centsports.com? For one, you could get with the program and sign up for one of the legitimate sportsbooks out on the market. The internet is full of places where you can make bets for real money. This way, you can start making some dough off of all of those good college football picks. Imagine going 5-1 in a weekend with Centsports and only having 50 cents to show for it? If you had been betting for real, you could have a couple hundred dollars (or more!) in your pocket. Also make sure you check out this great site for college basketball picks & March Madness Picks.Before you bet online, be sure and check the ratings for the online sportsbooks at Wheretobet.com